Sponsorship of professional development in eating disorders

ANZAED’s Training and Education Sponsorship Fund is designed to assist external organisations provide education in eating disorders.

Application for sponsorship can be made on the Training and Education Sponsorship form. Contact the ANZAED office for enquiries.

Applications will be considered at Monthly Executive meetings, and so 2-6 weeks notice must be given.

Criteria for Sponsorship of an educational event/activity are listed below.

1. Provides direct benefit to ANZAED members:

  • Is relevant to the broad membership base
  • Is promoted to the broad membership base
  • Supports ANZAED members in regional and remote areas
  • Supports ANZAED members who are otherwise disadvantaged (e.g. students on low incomes)
  • Generates information or resources that will be available to ANZAED members (e.g. via ANZAED website or newsletter)
  • Promotes ANZAED membership to potential members
  • Generates income for ANZAED
  • Is not in temporal competition with the ANZAED annual conference

2. Is in line with ANZAED’s aims:

  • Provides training or education specific to research/prevention/treatment of eating disorders (e.g. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Course would not be eligible whereas DBT for BN would be)
  • Is strategic in terms of current local/state/national training needs
  • Is consistent with the available evidence base and literature